Google’s design mess: Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich adds to the problem


The first signs of trouble appeared when I watched a promotional video about ICE. That video clearly shows that someone at Google/Android is totally in love with Tron! (droid on light bikes!). And lo and behold, ICE’s interface is full of Tron-ish references, complete with that electric blue/wireframe/glassy appearance.


The Nokia N9: a phone for real rebels (and normal people too)


I actually find it outrageous that Nokia isn’t even willing to treat MeeGo as a serious hobby, like Apple treats the AppleTV, or like Samsung treats its own Bada operating system. I mean, OK Nokia, go to war with Microsoft as your fighting buddy. But why not put a little bet on your own innovation. My goodness!


Taj Mall opens: the (still dusty) crown of Jordan’s shopping?


I am not a mall fan. But you know what? I secretly wanted Taj Mall to be an example of perfection. Some proof that we in Amman can do something that reaches the best global standards.

Shopkeepers from hell: How Amman takes out the fun from shopping (and what this says about us)


It boils down to a lack of community spirit. The buyer is already burdened by the inflated prices of imported goods. The seller maybe is unhappy about his/her low salary. The constant feeling of insecurity drives shop owners to try to extract the maximum amount of money from customers NOW, instead of thinking of relationships that last a lifetime. Despite the fact that Jordan has been stable for decades, the feeling is that of a temporary society. Strangers engaged in one time transactions.

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