Rem Koolhaas in Amman talk today



Either I have been living on Mars for the past few days or this event is being totally under-promoted (actually I just discovered I have two overlooked email messages about this in my inbox!!). Apparently Rem Koolhaas is giving a talk at Al Hussein Cultural Center today. I just heard about it today (from a friend who just arrived from Chicago!!!!).

I also found a post about the event here.

A discussion session with Rem Koolhas: Under the supervision of the Mayor of Amman, Mr.Omar El Maani, there will be a discussion session with the world renowned architect: Rem Koolhaas held on Wednesday, July 18, 2007 at 5:00 pm at Al-Hussein Cultural Center – First floor theater/ Ras Al-Ain For more details contact : 4619968

I saw Koolhaas at the International Design Forum, where I also spoke. Very thought provoking.

So see you there.

(I am still in a state of shock because I overlooked this event!)


  1. Lina says:

    yeeee I wish I read your post sooner!! My sister is an architecture student and I know she would’ve loved to go. Well, I hope she did!

    and I guess it’s a reminder for me not to overlook any emails!!

  2. [...] Most of you might know from 360east post that Architect Rem Koolhaas has given us a lecture in Al Hussein Cultural Center. Well, I left the office in a hurry and my laptop was still open to watch an architectural icon talking to us face to face. [...]

  3. Rana Goussous says:

    Hi Ahmad, this is Rana Goussous in London.

    can you tell us a bit about the discussion/lecture? what exactly was the purpose and will Koolhaas be involved in anything locally or did he just review his work …?
    would be nice to hear your opinion.

  4. Humeid says:

    Hey rana..

    He reviewed his practice and work. He was apparently invited by the Municipality. Some time ago, Omar Maani, Amman’s mayor was interviewd by Koolhaas at the Dubai International Design Forum (during one of Rem’s marathon sessions).

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there is something in store for Amman by OMA. But i have not heard about anything actually..

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