Wanadoo breaks Jordan’s DSL speed limit: 2 Mbit is launched!



Wanadoo today announced the availability of the 2Mbit/sec DSL service in Jordan. This is the most important development in the Jordanian internet scene for years. It comes quite late, actually. Countries like Egypt, Bahrain, Qatar and the UAE already have this connection speed.

Now that it’s here, I immediately called Wanadoo sales and requested the upgrade for my home connection from 512 Kbps to 2 Mbit. The cost of the new services is JD 40/month or JD 400/year. This, the saleswoman explained to me, is the same price they used to charge for the 1 Mbit speed. Wanadoo is also lowering the prices of the 512 Kbps and 1 Mbit connections.

If I get the upgrade today, I will be writing a review of it tonight.

Our office connection is another story. It is still 512 Kbps, but we’re now investigating what option we have. I recently noticed and ad by Cyberia who are offering ADSL for offices at the same price of home subscriptions, with no download limits. It is those hated download limits that are preventing us from upgrading our office connection. We once tried to upgrade to 1 Mbit only to discover that the download limit of 5 or 8 GB (I can’t remember exactly) was so restrictive, that we switched back to 512. Who wants to get stuck with a 128 Kbps connection after the bandwidth limit runs out (with no way to BUY extra bandwidth even if you wanted)?

So, let’s celebrate a moment that 2 Mbit has finally arrived. Let’s hope that 2007 will see more competition in this space and that 4 and 6 Mbit connections arrive here soon too!

UPDATE: It will take two days to upgrade the speed of my line, I was told by Wanadoo toady in the afternoon.


  1. nasimjo says:

    ahmad, if u need unlimited download-upload with a very high speed connection, why dont u apply for a leased line or a fiber!
    our Uni was connected (when i last left it) with 19.6 Mbs through fibers :)

  2. OmAr says:

    Tell me please… what happened to the 512 kbps prices?? I payed yesterday :s it was the same!

  3. Bitbyte says:


  4. Firas says:


    I understand that they had to upgrade some hardware to get this? Or did they really had to wait for the new guy “The Rousan” dude to say the magic words “Ballah kathrlona el sur3a ya ikhwan”

    I think other ISPs will be offering this as well, Limited Bandwidth? How about say 40GB bandwidth and you pay for the extra Bandwidth?

    I really think the government should consider having special offers for students Like ADSL 512 for 10JD/month inclusive, you know get them do more research, less Melody or Iqra TV watching or listening to Jihadis!

  5. David says:

    The question is, for those of us who have already paid for a 1Mbit connection for the year, are they upgrading us to 2Mbit for free?

    And with tax, the yearly price is more accurately JD 445.20.

  6. I wonder if they’ll get a ticket for breaking the speed limit :)

  7. raeef says:

    but the download limit is only 12 G, ya3ni u will eat those b one day if u want to use ur line for downloads. and thats the reason if i was planing to upgrade to 2 M

  8. Moey says:

    let’s hope its not crap, I had 8 mb/sec in Kuwait thru showtime. was good for downloads

  9. Firas, thats really funny …. I agree they announced so that Rousan will be happy, “Ballah Kathroolna Assour’a ” hahahaha

    and yes, I agree completely with you on special prices for students, more research and less IQRA Tv and jihadi stations … thanks – Saad

  10. Nader says:

    I have a 512 Kbps from Wanadoo and they charge me 600 JD + Tax
    What the hell ?????

  11. raindrop says:

    ADSL 512kbps prices still the same.
    1M prices has been reduced for residential subscribers
    old 1M subscribers (monthly) has the free choice to upgrade their ADSL to 2M (for free) or get the new discount. yearly 1M subscribers will get free months on their yearly subscription in case they dont want to upgrade to 2M.

    if u exceed the 12GB download limitation, your ADSL speed will become 512kbps which is good speed still..

    Nader: u pay 600/year for ADSL Corporate cause ADSL Home 512 subscription is JD 240 / year

    Residential and Corporate subscriptions are not the same :)

    2 Fast 2 Mega :D

  12. raindrop says:

    P.S. regarding the 2 days until upgrade, guess i have to explain this point.

    unfortunately not all Jordanian areas are feasible for ADSL 2M, some areas not feasible even for 512 kbps, so Jordan Telecom has to check if your area is feasible for 2M, thats why it takes around 2 days. hopefully LESS :)

  13. ramzy says:

    2M is still slow, i mean look at other countries in usa you can get about 12MB/s for $40/month and japan 50mb/s fo ronly $50 a month, 2m is still crappy but i guess its an improvement

  14. khalid says:

    hey guys , i know
    if u exeed the 12 gb limit
    your speed will become 512 but if u keep downloading with the 512 will they reduce it more

  15. [...] Thanks to Ahmad Humeid’s announcement, I became aware that Wanadoo was increasing their fastest available DSL service from 1Mbps to 2Mbps. I was even more delighted to find out that the cost of the increased service would not increase, but would remain consistent with the old 1Mbps service. [...]

  16. ISPwoes says:

    I had the “2 fast 2 furious” DSL package from Orange for 4 months. There was probably a total of 72 hours when I had the speed they claimed. I was told that the issue was my line (event though I wasn’t even getting the 1 mb speeds I had been getting with TeData for over 1 year), so I got charged 2 mbit speeds for a 512 k line. The day I cancelled the guy told me “its okay sir, all the problems are now fixed”. When I asked him ” Are you admitting you guys have had service problems since October 2007? ” He would not answer. Welcome to Jordanian internet.

  17. malware says:

    if you want to get 2 m speed its not for home use its for companys like arabic bank etc so its not for downloading things
    i work with malware company so they got 2m for each floor

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