Amman has a new mayor: Omar Maani


This evening I heard from two people that Omar Maani is replacing Nidal Al Hadid as Amman’s Mayor. Maani, an engineer by education, comes from the private sector to the job. He is a director of a number of Jordanian industrial companies. He is also a board member of the Social Security Department’s Investment Unit.

Nothing about this in the Jordanian blogoshere but I saw a confirmation of it in Addustour’s site.


  1. Wael says:

    Ù‹Well I’ve heard that the Municipality is having a ruff time, and they were asking the government to increase there percentage of money that comes from traffic tickets. They are about to have a loan for the first time in there history and lots of problems with LEMA.
    I hope this is nothing to do with these issues ;)

  2. salam says:

    The rumour has it that he has been informed of his “resignation” ever since Bakheet came to office..

  3. moi says:

    I thought that mayors in Jordan were elected during municipal elections?

  4. G says:


    I’m trying to know if this mayor had been elected by the 68 members of the MOGA council (as usual) or nominated by the king himself…? When was the official announce ?

    Thanks for your answer.

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