Nokia Ovi not working for ZAIN Jordan users


Ovi not getting through Zain Jordan? Ever since Nokia opened their services portal, Ovi, to Jordanian users some weeks ago, I’ve been trying to get my N95 registered with the service. So far I tried maybe 10 times with no success.

When you register a device with Ovi, you are asked to enter your telephone number, country and timezone into the Ovi site. Supposedly you should get an SMS form Ovi to initiate the registration process.

I never got this SMS from Ovi.

I am suspecting that Zain Jordan are not allowing the message through. This is extremely annoying. Did anyone out there have success in registering a device on Ovi, from Jordan? Maybe people on Orange on Umnia??

By the way, the other day I sent an SMS to Nokia product authenticity checking number (which I think was a UK number). I wanted to check if the new battery I got was genuine.

I never got an SMS reply.

It might be the same problem.

At the moment, the only thing I can possibly try is to try to configure my phone manually, as attempted in the comments of this blog post. If someone from Nokia or Zain is reading this, please enlighten me on what the problem might be.


  1. Dear Ahmad,

    Seems there is a problem in your phone, because i have just registered there and i recieved a (SMS) from them asking me to click on a mobile interenet link, and when i clicked on, it opened a page saying:
    You’ve just verified your mobile number. Thank you!

    (by the way: my mobile is Nokia E51)


    Malik Shishtawi
    Arabic Blog:
    English Blog:

  2. And by the way I am ZAIN subscriber too.

  3. Ohhhhhhh Sorry Ahmad,
    Seems you are right, I thought your speaking about confirming you mobile number, but seems that the problem that you are talking about is regarding (ADD YOUR DEVICE) section, because I tried it
    and as you said, its not working :(

  4. Salam Ahmed,

    Keef al 7al. let me check on this and will get back to you.
    As Zain we are not blocking any sms .. let me contact Nokia and check if Jordan is included in their current Ovi launch countries.


  5. Humeid says:

    Thanks Ziad..

    Please try it yourself too. I am pretty sure Jordan is included on Ovi. The Nokia people told me so at the conference they recently held at the Dead Sea.

  6. Ra'ed Khalaf says:

    So? did Ziad check on this? how can we add our Nokia’s?

  7. Mustafa says:


    I use Orange and was able to register successfully. I received the message within 10 minutes.
    Donno if this helps but did you check if you had ++ in front of the mobile number? I only put one + the first time and it didn’t work.. Might only be me :)

  8. Tareq says:

    It seems that Zain is blocking automated SMS from outside jordan.

    They always block incoming messages from outside jordan(especially SMS sent with a sender name instead of a number) , but I receive them on Umnia and Orange easily.

    Bottom line “Zain sucks….”

  9. Tareq says:

    Yes it has been confirmed from a zain employee,
    Zain is curently blocking all SMS with sender name (instead of numbers).
    I asked him: why?
    Zain employee:I should tell you because of spamming users (which is wrong) , the real reason is that Zain has the greater mobile subscribers in jordan so they are currently blocking SMS (with name sender) from outside their network to make all companies send SMS using their network.

    It is against the law to block other people paid services to make money.

    I am going to switch from Zain , and report them.

  10. Ayman says:

    I have Umniah on a Nokia E60. I was able to receive the configuration message from If you are not able to, just configure your phone manually. has the details how to do it. Dont give up. The service is great!

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