SYNTAX invites Prof. Rayan Abdullah to Jordan


It is my pleasure to inform you that our company, SYNTAX, is planning to invite Professor Rayan Abdullah, the well known corporate design/corporate identity designer from Germany, to give a number of lectures and presentations in Jordan on graphic design, corporate identity, Arabic typography, signage and other exciting subjects, in the period between 25 February and 3 March 2004.

Professor Abdullah, who was born in Mosul, Iraq, currently is Professor of Design and Typography at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig. He also taught at German design academies in Berlin. Between 1993 and 2000 he was Senior Designer at MetaDesign, Germany’s largest design and branding company, where he was responsible for major projects for the Berlin Transport Authority, Volkswagen, Bugatti and the German Government (for whom he re-vamped the German Eagle, symbol of the Federal Government). He was a speaker at international and national design conferences and the author of a successful book on corporate design.

One of the events for the visit will be a public lecture for designers, architects and business people at Al Hussein Cultural Center on the 2nd of March 2003, 6 pm.

Below are a biography and web links about him.

Links: Interview with Novum Magazine Personal site (in German) Markenbau (in German)

Rayan Abdullah

1957 Born in Mosul, Iraq 1975-1978 Studied at the Technical Secondary School in Mosul. 1978-1980 Studies in Rumania 1982-1984 Studied cultural education at the Academy of Arts, Berlin 1984-1989 Studied Visual Communication under Prof. Kapitzki 1989 Graduation thesis on Arabic script 1990-1992 Designer at Atelier Hoch Drei, Berlin 1991 Masters thesis on the development and design of new Arabic typefaces 1993-2001 Taught type design at the Lette Foundation, Berlin 1993-2001 Designer, Senior Designer and Project Manager, MetaDesign, Berlin, Germany’s largenst design firm. Projects included the Berlin Transport Authority (branding, information design and signage), Volkswagen’s new corporate design, Bugatti and the German Government (redesigned the German Eagle symbol) 2000-2001 Freelance corporate identity and corporate design consultant 2001 Named Professor of Typography at the Academy of Visual Arts 2002 Started his agency: Markenbau, specializing in corporate design, corporate identity and brand development


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