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The 80′s refusing to leave: Shmeisani and the death of Ammani human-scale urban modernity


Even as Amman is today starting to rediscover its old downtown, and its old neighborhoods like Jabal Amman’s First Circle and Rainbow Street and Jabal Al Luweibdeh, the blocks of Shmeisani are undergoing a intriguing process of death and, I want say “rebirth” but that would be too optimistic. It’s really a drawn out state of decline. It’s the stubborn hanging on of fragments of its past mixed with hopelessness, and a new future looming literally on the horizon.


Taj Mall opens: the (still dusty) crown of Jordan’s shopping?


I am not a mall fan. But you know what? I secretly wanted Taj Mall to be an example of perfection. Some proof that we in Amman can do something that reaches the best global standards.

Shopkeepers from hell: How Amman takes out the fun from shopping (and what this says about us)


It boils down to a lack of community spirit. The buyer is already burdened by the inflated prices of imported goods. The seller maybe is unhappy about his/her low salary. The constant feeling of insecurity drives shop owners to try to extract the maximum amount of money from customers NOW, instead of thinking of relationships that last a lifetime. Despite the fact that Jordan has been stable for decades, the feeling is that of a temporary society. Strangers engaged in one time transactions.

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