Why Facebook is more important than Google now


By and large, Facebook is irreplaceable. The fact that it has enmeshed itself so effectively into my life and a billion other lives, and that is basically a platform powered by humans makes it irreplaceable.

More from IFA and the future of TV: dual viewer screens, the war of 3D glasses and magic remotes


One thing we’re going to be hearing more and more about is the ability of TV screen to show different images to two people watching it. Now, for some this might sound like super anti-social. Imagine a husband and a wife sitting side by side on a sofa but each of them watching a different movie and hearing the sound on separate headphones. How romantic!


Google’s design mess: Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich adds to the problem


The first signs of trouble appeared when I watched a promotional video about ICE. That video clearly shows that someone at Google/Android is totally in love with Tron! (droid on light bikes!). And lo and behold, ICE’s interface is full of Tron-ish references, complete with that electric blue/wireframe/glassy appearance.


The Nokia N9: a phone for real rebels (and normal people too)


I actually find it outrageous that Nokia isn’t even willing to treat MeeGo as a serious hobby, like Apple treats the AppleTV, or like Samsung treats its own Bada operating system. I mean, OK Nokia, go to war with Microsoft as your fighting buddy. But why not put a little bet on your own innovation. My goodness!

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